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Since Asus launched the Asus EEEPC towards the unsuspecting world there’s been a surge within the netbook market as other manufacturers jump to the bandwagon. Prices overall remain tight for similar spec devices and many make use of the same hardware. This really is Dell’s second generation of netbook following on in the Small 9.

The Machine’s Spec

Before I am going any more I’ll provide the spec from the model I tested since there are a couple of variations.

Processor: apple N270 (1.6Ghz)

Memory: 1 GB DDR2 533

Hard Disk 160 GB

Display 10.1 ” Widescreen

Bluetooth (2.1 + EDR)

Wireless 1379

Webcam: 1.3MP

10/100 Ethernet adapter

Weight 1.035 KG

3 Cell Battery

Getting formerly tested the Acer One 8.9 inch with 8GB SSHD it had been interesting to determine how everything has progressed.

The Small 10 I tested were built with a shiny black exterior that looked fantastic but rapidly selected up a couple of fingerprints. The keys around the keyboard are 95% standard size so were easy to adjust to, although moving from the 108 key keyboard is a little tricky for that competent typist.

More Storage

The OS (home windows XP within this situation but obtainable in Ubuntu too) was surprisingly fast. Certainly the retrograde key to reintroduce optical Hard Disk Drives in to these machine has compensated off because my otherwise same spec Acer crawled along in a snails pace using the 8 gig SSHD (solid condition hard disk).

The storage capacity obviously is way better than the SSHD’s available and also have a similar expected lifespan.

Nice Screen

The screen about this model has that polished look and gave outstanding brightness and colour, the only real bad thing is when utilizing it when sitting opposite an origin of light where it reflects a bit more light that you desire. The resolution for that 10.1 is 2024 x 576 pixels and makes using XP very simple. I made use of it to look at Divx movies which it did flawlessly.

Wealthy Seem

Considering how big the device the seem and volume it produces is surprisingly good and out performed a couple of laptops I’ve owned


The custom writing help standard 3 cell battery provided approximately 2.5 hrs use however the time you receive depends just a little on your work.


The conventional ports include this model, Earphone, Mic, USB’s, Sdcard readers, VGA and Network.

I still can’t think why more netbooks do not have card readers that support more cards. The Acer one supports XD too that was thanks for visiting me because my camera takes that media.

Bluetooth as standard too was welcome addition with this particular model. With increasingly more device being released for bluetooth and also the prices of individuals devices getting lower constantly, bluetooth ought to be standard on every machine.

The Webcam is of sufficient quality for those movie communications but you actually need an excellent source of light because if this begins to get somewhat dark the image soon degrades and loses the majority of its colour.


Overall I had been amazed using the progress from the netbook and Dell’s certainly demonstrated to become fast and readable, had good connectivity and sharp looks. Although not a step forward in the 8.9 inch versions, the development of the 160 Hard Disk changes everything.

In case your searching for any netbook although not certain of which model to choose, my primary recommendations could be acquire one which has the next,

160 GB Optical hard disk (greater than well worth the slight putting on weight and additional energy usage)

A minimum of a ten.1 ” screen – since the resolution is the fact that far better

Blutooth built-in because who knows when you will need to connect with your mobile.

Another factor to say may be the heat they generate is substantial try not to worry since they’re made to work on individuals temperatures and all sorts of machines appear to provide off similar heat.

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I received my Small 10 from

They always appear to become good on cost and good on service. Anyway search around for any good cost, purchase one, and browse my next article or review around the commute to operate.

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